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This campaign and film project is important because it can bring awareness of the phenomenon of sleep paralysis to the general public; together we can ask the right questions to get closer to spiritual answers about human existence.

- Cyrus L.R.
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“Aimless” is a full-length, Psychological Drama set in present day Columbus, Ohio. It is about Clinical Psychologist, Elaine Hutchings and her new patient with a mental disorder. She gets so deeply involved with the 15 year old patient Melvin, she becomes obsessed with trying to understand and help him.

Melvin admits that he can perceive all of reality that normal people can’t. The more she starts to understand her patient, the more she is taking on her patient’s characteristics unconsciously. She doesn’t notice herself aimlessly walking around her home talking to herself, drowned in her thoughts about the disorder.

She has a nightmare of the reality that Melvin warned her about and is convinced that he has a gift of truth and not an illness. She is a victim of Melvin’s perspective and ends up just like him. In the closing scene the audience is presented with a question of faith versus logic.

The film touches on Sleep Paralysis; a phenomenon that has been around for ages and continues to be a paranormal experience left open for interpretation and discussion. It affects all ages and cultures making this concept not only global but timeless as well. “Aimless” addresses the issue of trying to change the world versus the spiritual conspiracy of world religions. It tackles controversial topics from human weaknesses to individual deficiencies. It is a spiritual quest about truth, genius and the meaning of life.

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Cyrus has been involved in screen-writing and performing arts since high school. He graduated from The University of West Florida with a B.A. in Psychology and a minor in film and religious studies while being Vice President of The Free Thinkers Society. After completing writing courses at The Ohio State University he placed as a finalist and won numerous screenplay contests including The Pacific Northwest Screenplay Contest, Script Savvy Contest and The Screenplay Festival.

His first screenplay “Aimless” was a BLUE STAR Top 10 screenplay on TriggerStreet.com garnering the most positive reviews and most talked about screenplay. TriggerStreet was founded in 2002 by Actor Kevin Spacey and Producer Dana Brunetti as an interactive mechanism to discover and showcase emerging filmmaking and writing talent. Cyrus currently lives in Columbus, OH, where the film is set.


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